Enterprise and corporate

If you are in need of more engaged, interactive meetings at your workplace, GridVue solutions for enterprises and corporates offer the technology for efficient collaboration, presentation and video conferencing. Our solutions bring secure, interactive and flexible visualization experiences in all your corporate spaces.

Whether its meeting rooms, boardrooms, training facilities or corporate lobbies, we can help you distribute content throughout your entire organization enabling people to work better together. 


Contact Us to know more! 

Contact Us to know more! 

Contact Us to know more! 

Collaboration Video Walls

Event Capture, Streaming, Recording

Digital Signage

Any Content, Anywhere. 

GridVue’s networked solutions give you access to your content and sources regardless of where it is originating from. Our IP integrated systems allows a multitude of input sources to be captured and distributed across your organization. Multiple users and managers can easily connect and manage a wide range of sources, and simultaneously view, share and interact with the data on a video wall or other displays. 

Scalable Solutions. 

GridVue solutions are modular and scalable. Our video wall controllers are great in environments where change is constant and interoperability is required. 

We offer maximum flexibility and compatibility including with third party devices. Our solutions are handpicked to ensure continuity, long-term viability, cost-effectiveness for our customers.

Reliable Solutions. 

Remote and distributed work is more common now, and AV applications demand consistent performance and high reliability. Our software and hardware integrated solutions are tested in our testing rooms constantly to ensure the best reliability in any environment. 

This is why our solutions are installed in some of the world’s most prestigious 24/7 mission-critical environments. Our 20+ years of experience delivering monitoring solutions for demanding and mission-critical environments. and the experience gained from it helps us to tackle the unique challenges associated with any size of installation. 

User Friendly. 

GridVue software GUI has an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface and powerful features that enables you to display and share content and collaborate with other users in real time, in the easiest way. 

A simple touch on our tablet and phone interface empowers immediate control of the system as well.