Video Wall

GridVue video wall management software is a low-cost, effective and user friendly software that provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your GridVue or Matrox video walls.  

Our Standard, Advanced and Premium versions allow you to route any source anywhere on a video wall and assign different roles to each user in your control rooms, collaboration rooms or in other applications. 

GridVue Video Wall Software
Web Based Management - Manage and control your video wall from any standard browser with no additional software to install.
Layout Management - Create, save, rename, schedule, copy and delete layouts.
Wall Management - Manage multiple video walls from one place.
User Management - Create users and assign permissions and restrictions to each user.
Wall Division - Divide your large video wall into multiple sections to dedicate areas to different users.
Accessibility - Ability to control video wall from a tablet or phone.
Source Management - Position, scale, clone, crop, label and color code input sources.
Preview sources before placing them on the video wall.
Quick Access buttons to repeat frequently used functions.
Active Directory integration and retrieve logs of all actions.
Dark Mode - Ideal in 24/7 operating control rooms.
Video Over IP distribution using the Maevex integration.
Usability - Extremely user-friendly and effective GUI.