GridVue video wall management software is a low-cost, effective and user friendly software that provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your GridVue or Matrox video walls. You can choose the basic, advanced or premium versions for your requirements. All of them include drag & drop, resize functionality, ability to create and manage layouts, picture in picture and several other options to enhance your video wall control experience. 


GridVue video wall processors and controllers are known for scalability, performance, reliability and longevity. Our processors offer users an easy environment for various functions including capturing multiple content types, processing the data and eventually distributing or displaying the data across multiple video walls or displays. 

Our controllers include GridVue video wall management software – an extremely user friendly and effective software that helps you manage your data and video walls in the best way.  Whether you are just monitoring content or distributing content across a network, our controllers with our software offer you the most control and flexibility. 

GridVue AV Integration


Ecosystem and Services

We have designed Professional AV solutions for Airports, Governments, Corporates and Retailers for several years. Whether it is for control rooms, NOC’s, SOC’s or emergency meeting rooms, we have the expertise to guide you on your next project. Consult with our experts now.