Video Wall Controllers

GridVue controllers are high performance video wall controllers used to power small or large video walls. You can capture, control, display and distribute content to any video wall easily. Our video wall controllers are being used by government organizations, transportation authorities, utilities organizations, emergency responders, IT and security professionals every day.

We understand that no two projects are the same. That’s why we offer you the freedom to choose exactly what you need. Depending on your application, we can offer you a custom designed controller that suits your need the best. 

Paired with the GridVue software, the video wall controller helps manage input sources and outputs to the video wall, determining the display layout and effortlessly routing content from any available source, anywhere on a display. We believe we have the most user-friendly way to achieve this. Book a demo today to try it for yourself. 

GridVue c427-l Matrox Video Wall Controller
GridVue Video Wall Controller GV-A427
GridVue G714 Matrox Video Wall Controller

User Friendly




Drag and Drop Content

Any Source, Anywhere

Advance User Management

Integrated with IP Encoders/Decoders

Projects And Installations

A few pictures from installations in different industries